Today, as the sun shone through the fainted glass windows, I saw you. Moving around with
me, and as I do, you become my foremost friend.

When I embrace light in those unknown, untread paths, I embrace you. You are the one who
stands as a testimony to me, my emotions, my criticism and my praise. Mute and liked by all
for you don’t reply to the chiding, people seek you more than me.

Talking to you, and discovering you as a part and pal of mine has been quite an experience in
itself. Every morning and every night, you silently convey the message of happiness and
bonhomie to me. The conversation remains incomplete and unending, on from dawn to dusk.

You leave me never, in gloom or glam. Going on this path of life, hand in hand, we shall
achieve and move from milestones to success clinging to each other.