Understood the statement?


But, how could you understand the Mutual Fund Investment statement, and not recognize a peer of it?

Welcome, friends, to the sensational world of advertisements,

As I advertise the advertisements!

Today’s new sensation – the advertisements, a part of deception row undertaken by the People’s
Popular Party, where they earn lakhs and crores in the name of a brand you use, and they discard for
your usage. Don’t worry, it is the way, you are being swindled by the swines since the times of Papyrus
of Egypt, or the oriental drummers in the squares squaring you off.

As we go from one level of hypocrisy, and veil to another, so do the advertisements of ours. From the
tall claims of detergents to whiten our clothes (read, bleach), to the taller ones of the fairness creams to
make the dusky ones fair. We move from the cool talc of one superstar to the gyno-magnetic
deodorants of another. Lost are the reasons, we destine and decide to let us qualify as literate idiots.

Following the herd started by the herdsman, who is nowhere to be seen now, we go on a cannibalistic
streak. And, the herdsman, enclosed in his stardom enclosure enjoys the best and selected products of
quality projected in the endorsed products of his. Yet, every other time we decide not to be deceived
again, only to fall into the snares of delusion all over again.

Everyone becomes a scientist. Experimenting, as they say, with one product for a month, and then the
other, and the cycle goes on until they shroud their beautiful natural coat with a cloak, absurd enough
not to be commented on. Hardly do I understand the necessity of that gel for the hair, or that cream for
the face. Do we hate ourselves so much that we need to wear make-up and show-up?

Wonder is in the ideas promoted by the advertisements; every car enjoys the numero uno spot, that
stars would barge into the privacy of your toilet seat and show you that if you don’t use their toilet
cleaners, the state is shit, and much more. Even sanitary napkins are overrated with the menstrual
cycles being the highlight. Starting from the blue liquid shedding, to the winning of reality shows,
competitions based on using a particular brand.

Such has become the state of advertisements, that they have become initiators for channel change,
rather than actually showing off their products. Gone are the days, when advertisements stood for half a
minute showing the lozenges, or the biscuit. Today, more than reality show, brand show is more. Going over the moon, for the products, and having them endorsed by people nowhere linked to them has become the mantra.

Best part of advertisements is the humour value presented in them. Starting from politics to satire of
yours, they give you or you have their criticism done. Yes, knowledge also dwells in the realms of
advertisements. In the form of the Life Insurance policies, some ideas are given, while most remain out
of sight to deceive you. And, then there are these mutual fund statements spoken at a rate faster than
you can actually hear them, did you ever think they wanted you to hear about it?

As the dissection comes to an end, I stand at the conclusion of not being able to surmise the advertising
policies of now. They are too erratic, too colourful and too sweet. They sell as if they are the only
sellers, and deceive as if it is their birth-right. Goes on this drama of deception, and advertising, and we
the mute spectators who don’t mute the speakers’ advertising long to stay long in this racket of
ephemeral eternity.