Dates rolled by yet thoughts fixed upon one, they speak yet they don’t, they talk to none but the
craving me. Memories of the forgotten and the past come into life in my wee little world. Sensations
unparalleled, joys unraveled, and the beautiful yet disdainful one left me swiveling in nowhere.

While I was shuffling through my playlist for some good chords, the coolness of the room and
the bewildering crisscross of the lights pouring in from places unknown accompanied by the mellifluous
music had me translocated back into times when I was a fighter, known to the lost eyes of a different
world of mine, busy with the lost pieces to be normal again. Those sweet memories made me realize
that, once I too was a part of the mad youth, filled with all sorts of damn emotions and infatuations.
Times have changed a bit now and from the one who craved for the unnamed and unknown one in the
dimly lit midsummer nights, I have been transformed into a more stable and person of sound judgment.
Such nice infatuations and ‘confidential’ love stories woven in a dreamland tickle my funny bones today
and smile at a lonely me.

Songs of my taste – slow and of the romantic types, an awesome combination, akin to the
melancholic state of mine took me down the memory lane from the career-conscious youth of today.
Shockingly someone left and forgotten beneath the awful pressures of today silently woke up from the
slumber and asked : Are you the same mad fellow of the days gone by or the composed one of today.
Yet the madness still prevails and I look up for the heights to be tamed. In reality, the period is such that
you have an inclination towards someone, for her beauty, her likeness, her curves, her style, her long
shining tresses, her gait and a few days or months after being in the trance, you realize her nothingness.
Taunted then, you get up into her eyes and fight for the meaningless thing called a damn infatuation. It’s
all a beautiful part of being betrayed in the thorny path of life that makes a man fall and get up. Then
does he realize and cherish the beautiful dream he had and the awful consequences that followed.

What was difficult to be forgotten and brought hot and blinding tears to the eyes of the
armored ‘lover’ then, brings a shameful but lovely curve on the face with its myriad colors and beautiful
blossoms, for that’s the true meaning of the infatuation. Eyes brighten up and you realize the past
blunders and the innocent mistakes committed in the bravado of relentless purity of inclined ideals for
someone to show off. There is indeed an attraction beyond your control for someone or many that
fastens up your beats and takes you up to a level to enjoy the adrenal flow and cherish the cinematic
lines in which you comment to yourself sooner or later the fallacy of youthful love. And, finally it makes
you realize the value of such actions in life.

Beautiful moments and times were they, yet only a mere part of this eventful life. A few nimble
thoughts of the past reflect a mere stature of the mind. Failing in this rat-race is more beautiful than
being a part of it or emerging victorious. This is the battle yearned to be lost. But, being a participant of
the rat-race of careers and money in this 21st century, one must move on. Leaving the byzantine
amalgamation of the quintessence of all emotions, one must trail the trodden lines. To remain shoulder
to shoulder and maintain an honorable position, it’s much required. Work, work to be a part of this
system, else sooner or later, you shall be kicked out of it.