Walking Away

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She gently walked,
Out of his life –
And the door closed,
Without a click.

Yet there was a click,
And he gently walked
Out of his life.

The voyage went on,
In the sky,
And on earth,
One in tears, other in sobs.

Not souls, but
Sorrows mingled,
And they loved separation
For others, over the consonance –


by someshm1 0 Comments

When petulance turns into petunia,
When rapacity rusts,
I alight –

Map is not the territory,
Pervade and concur,
The soul within, self without –
Quest endless, shall it be,
Hold Thy nerve and sinew,
And submit with authority –

Not in the Himalayas shall Thou find Me,
But in Thy Himalayan presence,
Shall I manifest Myself !