So you managed to track me down, finally…

This image reminds me of the times at Times Square in June ’16, and keeps me on to be on this nomadic sense of life, with the exploration of fields, from Science to Culture, being prime.

Now, this site is more for personal, and professional endeavors with a personal touch. As we traverse through the dimensions of this site, it represents the facets of life I am attached to. Sometimes, the random musings have beenĀ lettered in Blog, and at times the Travel denotes of the places, times and discussions that have led me to travel the physical and metaphysical spheres with earnest sincerity and love, and the excitement of the curious kid finding the source and the end, until he realizes that he is in the circle – a part of the cycle where he goes about the same, finding neither the source nor the end, just the tangent being the escape to where, unknown.

For those looking for a professional outlook of mine, Research would be suggestive, although a while on the site shall arm you with the best of all indulgences.

Have fun exploring!